Club House №1 in Kallithea
Modern business+ club house in the very heart of Athens!

Modern house with all amenities
that add style & value to your home

Cozy & Relaxing Rooftop Terrace
Our well-planned terrace could be the perfect place for you to unwind at the end of the day or enjoy occasional parties with friends and family members. It is designed under the shade of a stylish and contemporary pergola. The place is decked up with comfortable sofas and arm chairs.
Your 24 hour gym in terrace
Fitness on the rooftop terrace with the widest range of cardio training equipment and a wonderful view in front of Acropolis.Terrace is an ideal place for those who want to make regular activity a part of their lifestyle. This gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be fit and have fun!
Contemporary dining space
The rooftop terrace with best view of the Acropolis, the eternal landmark of this ancient city. Own terrace is a wonderful open-air stage for sunny weather and large campfire for cosy nights in any season.

A chic contemporary bbq area of wood and metal, with a BBQ and a cooking zone. It's so warm and amazing outside that you can't imagine a better weekend than inviting some friends for a barbeque.
Enjoy incredible panoramic views from all floors
It's all about the view! The Club House "Marathonodromon" offers breathtaking views over Athens to the Acropolis, Mount Lycabettus and Filopappou Hill beyond. All of Athens will be at your feet!

The rooftop terrace with best view of the Acropolis, the eternal landmark of this ancient city. Own terrace is a wonderful open-air stage for sunny weather and large campfire for cosy nights in any season.
Lounge in the clouds

It's a perfect "lounge in the clouds", where friends cosy up with drinks and snacks to spend more than a couple hours. As scenic spot to eat, drink and socialise, this roof terrace offer a cosmopolitan experience.
In the Heart of Athens
7 Marathonodromon Str, Kallithea 17671, Attica GR
B-HOUSE - is a modern business+ class club-house in the center of Athens, located on the main artery of the capital - Andrea Syngrou Avenue, connecting the historic city, sea and resorts.

Objects nearby:
  • Syntagma square - Parliament - 2,5 km
  • Acropolis - 2,0 km
  • Grigoris Lambrakis Stadium - 200 m
  • Panteion University - 250 m
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center - 3,0 km
  • Marina Flisvos - 4,8 km
  • Fitness CLUB Kallithea - 250 m
  • 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel - 650 m
  • 5-STAR InterContinental Athenaeum Hotel - 700 m
  • Ciao Italia Restaurant - 700 m
  • Zormpas Kritiko Kentro Restaurant - 1,1 km
  • The Ministry for the Press and the Media - 180 m
  • Airport express bus stop, Syngrou Avenue - 200 m
  • Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport - 35 km
Innovative roof & Facade systems
Business Class Apartments
Tastefully furnished, beautifully designed, and well equipped apartments with all the essentials
Commercial Property
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Apply for Greece Residence by Investment (Golden Visa Programme) through a simple and fast purchase of a Greek property valued at least at 250,000 Euros. Greek golden visa programme grants a five year residency visa in return for an investment in real estate. There is no minimum stay requirement and children up to the age of 21 are included in the family application. The visa is granted for five years and renewed every five years if the property investment is retained. It is not necessary to live in the country in order to retain and renew the investor visa. However citizenship can only be granted after seven years of residency.

Owning a property in Greece will give you the key to open the gates of Schengen countries and travel around easily. Greece is only 1-3 hours away from European countries. Greece is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area and in the ideal location in Europe compared to other European Countries (EU). Choosing and obtaining GOLDEN VISA GREECE, you can travel to all these countries directly and freely without the troublesome and hectic VISA procedure and without even passing by Greece. Picking Greece for EU residence, every European destination is only 1-3 hours flights.

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ASTERNA INVESTMENT Μ. ΙΚΕ is a subsidiary company in Greece of the B-Club's Assets Management Company. B-Club expertise in real estate, finance and private equity transactions is confirmed by over 100 successful deals in the real estate market of CIS. Successful implementation of the investment strategy is ensured by the oversight of the investment committee that consists of the top executives from leading Russian and international private equity and real estate funds.

B-Club adheres to an investment strategy with relatively low risks and high returns: best price at entry, conservative re-development strategy with clear value proposition for final customers (such as Golden Visa seekers and/or international investors). By combining our investment strategy with the current state of Greek market we expect to achieve returns in excess of 20 percent IRR with an investment horizon of up to 2 years (per project).
Project construction progress
Construction project handover: 01.12.2020
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